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25 Mar 15 - 20:20

Where to buy the purses seen in the sex and the city movie It was inevitable that i would love sex and the city.For the past twenty years i have been obsessed with two things, shoes and purses.Fortunately for me i get to ooh and ahh at all of the purses carrie, miranda, samantha and charlotte carry on sex and the city, and what's even better is that i can also buy the same purses they carry.When i went to see the new sex and the city movie in the theatre there was a collective"Aaahhh"In the audience when we all saw lily's cupcake shaped clutch and everyone felt that slight pang of jealousy when louise louis vuitton bags prices uk got her very own louis vuitton patchwork denim bowly handbag.So let's take a look at how much money we are going to have to shell out to get our own designer handbags, and if you don't have enough to buy one for yourself we can always be like louise and visit bag, borrow or steal!So let's start out with lily's cupcake clutch.It is a liever limited edition strawberry cupcake clutch that features rose and light pink austrian crystals.You can purchase one for your little girl for $4, 295 from bergdoff goodman or. Of course my favorite couture handbag from the movie is the eiffel tower bag by timmy louis vuitton online shopping uk woods.The bag in the movie is covered with over 6, 000 swarovski crystals and can be purchased for $2, 999 at Another favorite handbag of mine in the movie is the fendi medium bag du jour handbag.I don't know if it is the bag's classic fendi look or the excellent red color but i find it to be a very classic bag.It's nowhere near as out there as the couture bags but still makes a statement and turns heads.While the red bag louis vuitton sale is the handbag featured in the movie this same handbag is also available in the logo design or black, which is even classier than the red.You can purchase the fendi medium bag du jour Published by stephanie raney I am a stay at home mom of four kids.We homeschool, practice louis vuitton womens sustainable living techniques, love to camp, and travel frequently.View profile

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