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19 Mar 15 - 20:34

Why do people like to buy expensive clothes Why people buy expensive clothes The most obvious reason someone would louis vuitton bags sale uk want to part with a large amount of cash when buying clothes is because(In theory)Spending more money means getting better quality garments. This type of clothing will last longer, feel better, have a better cut or fit, be more flattering to the wearer or have some other quality that is deemed attractive by the consumer. Or at least that's what the retailer would have you think anyway.Whether that's true or not really depends from brand to brand, and item to item. The second reason people end up buying expensive clothing is because they are buying into an image or look. Like any market pricing trend, the greater the demand compared to supply, the higher the price.For this reason, limited edition items of clothing which are in high demand end up selling for exorbitant sums. Are expensive clothes really worth it? What makes a pair of primark jeans retail at 6 whilst a pair of levis could cost you 60? A clutch handbag by george(At asda)Will also set you back 6, so why does a manhattan clutch at selfridges sell for 295? Well, in the case of these handbags, one is faux leather and the other is mock croc(But real cow hide). In essence, both examples highlight that more money generally means better quality.But whether that difference in quality is reflective of the gap in price is subject to debate. More often than not, quality is in fact a secondary attribute.When choosing a pair of jeans or a handbag, the wearer is also making a statement to the outside world. Waltz into a shop with 500 louis vuitton shoulder bag and you'll be looked at and treated differently than someone sporting a 'collection' quilted tote from debenhams(Reduced from 35 to 28! ). I think people like to buy expensive clothes as it shows them the ideal and self worth they do not get from human love and kindness. I think if a person buys something from chanel they feel they have something to be proud of and do not feel or look worthless in the eyes of others, compared to owning a primark bag. It's all about how people in society see people and themselves.They want to own better, more expensive louis vuitton uk wallet things and they want to feel worthy of others. My friend danielle was going through this simular stage herself she wanted people to like her so she brought expensive clothes to try and impress her peers, but in my opinion she was buying their affection rather than being worthy as a person.Did she find louis vuitton handbags sale contentment?No. Sometimes people think that buying anything less is beneath them.A person can also get caught up in the simple fact of getting new things. I was never really a designer girl so i don't totally understand myself.I enjoy keeping it simple and saving money. I think it has some to do with status in other words trying to place themselves at a different level of recognition. People are trying to feel better about themselves and also to get other people to think differently about them as well. This may not be the case for everyone who likes designer things.Some people just have the money and choose to purchase them but don't have to have designer items to be happy. I hope this helps you. The funny thing is that probably the same people who can afford the expensive stuff are the same people investing in manufacturing the cheap stuff. It is one thing to be practical and buy"Quality", but knowing that outrageous prices don't always mean good quality.There is a big difference between quality and brand. So all of the above is valid:Some people look for quality:Good fit and lasting colors and they are willing to pay the price(No more! ), lv bags uk others want to belong and represent something that will reassure their ego and"Redirect other people from perceiving their self assigned negative attributes. " I would assume because they have the money and because they have something missing from their lives that they think they can fill with things that we can buy. They don't realize that they can't fill the void in their lives with earthly things because only when you've found christ can you have perfect peace. Also, it might be a contest with society to always have all of the latest fashions and designs and knowledge, etc.That the culture says is 'cool'.

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