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24 Mar 15 - 19:55

What not michael kors shop australia to wear in san cheap michael kors bags diego

What will the fashionable woman be wearing this fall?Something in a tweed skirt and sleeveless puffer vest, perhaps.Or maybe a motorcycle jacket, knit skinny pants and something in camouflage.Or crocodile.Or crocodile camouflage.Also, a shearling coat the size of a barcalounger.As for what the fashionable san diego woman will be wearing this fall, that is for new york, paris and milan to kNow and for members of the local chapter of the fashion group international to help us figure out.On a summerlike evening this week, about 35 members of this style and fashion organization gathered at the fashion valley neiman marcus store to watch a video roundup of upcoming michael kors bags discount fall and winter trends as determined by the latest fashion week runway shows.After sighing over the shiny red marc jacobs boots and the luxurious herms coats, some of the local experts looked into san diego's fashion future.There will be maxis.Style 101:If san diego style could be summed up in one word, it would be"Casual. "That means"Yes"To low heels, flowing dresses and the perfect pair of jeans.It also means"No"To fur, structured suits and anything thatDoesnot reflect san diego's other favorite c word.Which is not"Craft beer. ""Here, people like fashion, but they like it to be comfortable.Even when people are dressing up, it's in a laid back, comfortable way,"Said fgi sponsorship director paola middleton, a stylist and personal shopper who moved here from mexico city a few years ago. "In mexico city, i barely ever heard a client use the word 'comfortable.' But here, they tell me that first. "Step away from the spandex:Does"Casual comfort"Mean every day is sweatpants saturday? ItDoesNot.For every bit of fashionista ridiculousness plaid suits!Quilted leather sweatshirts!Is that a fanny pack?There were fashion week trends that seemed tailor made for san diego women who refuse to believe that"Dressed up"Is fashion code for"Trussed like a turkey. "Most promising comfort trend?The forgiving joys of knitwear.With all their give and flow, the slouchy isabel marant cardigans, easy vera wang tanks and stretchy calvin klein suits couldn't have been more san diego if they sported chargers logos. "The san diego woman is not going to wear a ridiculous dress that isn't going to work for her lifestyle,"Said fgi programs chair kit kuriakose, designer for her fiveloaves twofish clothing line. "Fashion has to function as much as it has to look good. "A model walks the runway at the holy ghost show during mercedes benz fashion week autumn/winter 2014/15 at brandenburg gate on january 16, 2014 in berlin, germany.Share photoa model walks the runway at the holy ghost show during mercedes benz fashion week autumn/winter 2014/15 at brandenburg gate on january 16, 2014 in berlin, germany.Dressed to impress:Don't let the stretchy fabrics fool you.San diego women are not slobs, and we've got the girlie proclivities to prove it.We love michael kors monogram satchels a dress.We particularly love a long maxi dress that allows us to move comfortably and show off our open toed shoes(Which we also love), as well as our pedicures.There were many maxi dresses on the fashion week runways(Thank you, giorgio armani and michael kors), along with a major reappearance of the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, which is as close to a bathrobe as fashion is ever going to get.Needless to say, we approve.

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