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22 Mar 15 - 19:55

What to ralph lauren outlet online wear for a trip ralph lauren italia shop to palm springs

For a day of strolling around downtown palm springs, visiting art galleries, boutiques and gourmet restaurants, you'll most likely be comfortable in loose, lightweight clothing.Winter average highs are around 70 degrees, with spring and fall months reaching highs in the 80s and 90s.Wear khaki shorts and tank tops or polo shirts;A ralph lauren uomo giacche woman might also wear a flowing skirt or linen pants with a tank top.Carry a cardigan or light sweatshirt with you, since practically every building you enter will be air conditioned.The city attracts chic vacationers from los angeles and wealthy golf lovers from all over, and it has a long history of being a paradise for hollywood royalty, so the nightlife in palm springs calls for a little bit of pizazz.Things get considerably cooler at night, so you'll be most comfortable in long dress pants and a short sleeved polo shirt or collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up.Most restaurants don't call for men to wear jackets.A woman can wear a cocktail dress or sundress with sandals;Tights or stockings are almost never necessary in palm springs.Because of the extreme heat, your hotel pool will likely be choked with sun worshipers much of the day.Join their ranks in a bathing suit, but don't forget a cover up to protect you from burns.If you intend to golf, wear shorts and a collared short sleeve shirt along with your golf shoes;Check the course's dress code before arriving, though.For hiking, you'll want a light nylon shorts or pants, a t shirt made of nylon or some other athletic, water wicking material and a pair of sturdy hiking boots or sneakers with cushioned socks.If you're hiking into the mountains, bring a light poncho or windbreaker to ward off the cold you'll feel in the shade.Other gearyour day to day wardrobe polo sport ralph lauren italia should be appropriate for just about any activity you want to try in palm springs.A coat is only necessary if you're visiting in fall, winter or spring, or if you tend to feel the chill at night.Rain is uncommon even during the rainiest month of the year, february, only an average of 1.2 inches falls you likely won't need an umbrella.

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