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26 Mar 15 - 19:57

What does gq think of the ralph lauren polo blue eau de toilette spray for men polo outlet online

This is probably one of the best if not the best men's fragrance ever!I absolutely love the way this fragrance smells and i'm sure the women around you will as well.It makes you feel like a real man and lasts a long time too!

This is the very reason that this is one of the most heavily counterfeited fragrances.I recently purchased 6 bottles of this fragrance from a certain auction marketplace(Not amazon)And found that all the fragrances i purchased were fakes despite the fact that i got them from 3 different sellers.All sellers claimed that they weren't fakes in their descriptions.When i brought this to their attention 2 of them immediately issued me a refund without sending the fragrances back and the other seller told me to send the fragrances back for a refund.Instead of sending the fragrances back to the sellers, i decided to do the right thing and send them to the makers which is l'oral.They are currently doing an investigation so hopefully these sellers will get ralph lauren italia shop online removed.

Word of advice only purchase this fragrance for a reputable seller that has lots and lots of positive feedback.If you find any feedback comments stating that the fragrance they purchased is leaking or smells old then chances are that seller is distributing fakes.If you run into any fakes, contact the seller and immediately make them aware of this.If they claim that they had no idea, then ask them for their full name, address, and home phone number.Verify that the phone number they gave you isn't a cell phone number and isn't unlisted.If they refuse to give you their real information, then my best advice to you is to contact the makers(In this case it would be l'oral)And to send the fragrances to them for a possible investigation.This seller probably knows what they're doing and shouldn't be allowed to stay in business.If you send the fragrances back to the seller then you'll really just be helping them out.They'll be able to get rid of the evidence or rip somebody else off who isn't aware of this scam.

I had been searching for this product for some time.I had heard great things about this product and made up my mind that i had to have it.I just needed to find somewhere selling it at a good price.After serching for awhile i found ralph lauren italia shop it and paid for it straight away.Love it so much!A must buy.

I'm not sure where to start really.This product is exactly what i needed.It is incredibly high quality, and also affordable, which was good due to the current"Credit crunch".This product really delivers on all fronts.Can't ralph lauren milano recommend it highly enough.

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